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If you are looking for power adapters for your CCTV, you are in the right place. We offer several adapters that suit you. We have a wide range of power supply devices including that of 8 channels, 4 channels, and so on. They have a strong built that supports it through every condition. We value customer satisfaction over everything and hence, provide the best quality adapters to meet all your needs.

These power supplies are made to satisfy all of the power needs of CCTV cameras. We use the most recent high frequency switching mode technology in our power supply designs. Because of this, our CCTV power supply is more effective, long-lasting, small, light, and able to function flawlessly in all types of power and environmental situations globally.

As a market leader, we are committed to providing the highest calibre CCTV Camera Switching Mode Power Supply. Such a gadget is most frequently utilised to provide regulated voltage electric power to the CCTV camera in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

It is impossible to emphasise the significance of a power supply for your video security cameras. To guarantee the stability and dependability of their video surveillance system, installers and users should employ a high-quality CCTV power supply manufacturer box. A bad power supply can result in image distortion, flickering, and even hardware damage to security cameras. PTZ cameras require a 24V AC power source, whereas outdoor security cameras normally use a 12V DC power source.

Inside security cameras typically require a 5V DC power source, although some security cameras may use 220V AC power. It is easy to utilise the CCTV power supply box; just run your cabling and connect the 2-wire leads from your Siamese cable's power end to the screw-terminal panel inside the power supply box. To finish the installation, connect the power box to a standard 110V AC power outlet. There is no justification for keeping an outlet near your cameras.

It is designed and created in our established manufacturing facility by creative experts using cutting-edge hardware and software. CCTV Camera Switching Mode Power Supply is available at a reasonable price and boasts high energy efficiency, minimal maintenance requirements, and durability.

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  1. LRIPL CCTV Power Supply with 4 Channel (Output Voltage 12V each channel,Output Current 1Amp each channel)

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