LR777 MPEG-4 Full HD Free to Air STB

Model No; LR777 Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) Approved

Perfect finishing with elegant design, made up of high quality metal for long lasting durability.

Easy to install & Configure

6 Months Warranty*

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This set-top box has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels ( Refer to page 6 of user manual), it comes pre-programmed with 64 updated satellites globallly.

Channel Scanning hardly takes 10-15 min of your time. Refer to the electronic program guide (EPG) at page 34.


• USB 2.0 Supported for Upgrade,PVR

• Wifi feature

• Auto Scan & Auto Shutdown

• Digital HD-MPEG4

• 4G Supported

• ON Screen Display (Hindi/English)

• Recording of Digital TV & Radio

• Signal level and quality indicate timely

• Easy to edit, including add, rename, move, delete

• Favorite group entertainment, movies, news, music, spiritual, sports

• Sort Channel List Alphabetical (A to Z)


Channel 5000 Channels (According to Radio Frequency)
Aspect Ratio 4:3,16:9 Aspect ratio
Memory Upto 5000 programs
Search Auto / Manual
Remote Control
Instruction Manual
More Information

Q1. How to do Auto Scan?

Ans. For Auto Scan, Please follow below step.
Step -1: Press Auto Scan Key in remote
Step -2: Search option will visible than press blue key just below autoscan key in remote

Q2. Where can i get dish/antenna for Free to air (FTA)?

Ans. We will provide you the affordable service providers list once you place the order.

Q3. How many channels does it supports?

Ans. Upto 5000 channels, all are free channels as per the government’s guidelines.

Q4. Who setup this product in my home?

Ans. Your preferred service provider from the list that we give you once you place the order.

Q5. Does it work without dish/Antenna?

Ans. This is a ‘free to air’ satellite receiver and it does require to have it. (Use your existing dish/antenna).

Q6. Does it need to recharge month.

Ans. No monthly subscription is required to use this device.

Q7. Does it Support High definition (HD)?

Ans. All channels are in HD only.

Q8. What to do if i cannot configure it?

Ans. Contact us on our Customer Support WhatsApp number given.

Call Us:+91-1147563580 whatsapp us:- 9315962353

Q9. Do you offer remote with the set top box?

Ans. Yes, we do.

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