LRIPL Ready to Use (RTU) Remote for Chinese LED/LCD TV

Compatible for all Chinese LED/LCD TV

Ready to Use (RTU) Remote by LRIPL

Full function easy operation remote control

Complete 3 Months Warranty*

Works upto 12 meter distance and till 45 Degree Angle

Out of stock

It's an ready to use (RTU SERIES) remote by Lripl, now forget to code or programming the remote. Just insert the battery and start to use it.Works almost with all Chinese LED/LCD TV

More Information

Q. I can operate most functions of my Replacement Remote, but some important keys aren't working. How can I resolve this?

If not all buttons are working correctly, this could mean the current remote you're using isn't optimized perfectly for your  brand model.

Q. I noticed there are some buttons on the Replacement Remote that I didn't have on my original. Can I use these as well?

Generally, the Replacement remote can only perform the exact same functions as the original remote. This means that no new features will be added to your TV, and the keys will most likely have no function.

Q. Will the Replacement Remote work with other TV brands or other devices?

No. The Replacement Remote has been specifically  designed to work with specific mentioned brand only.

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