LRIPL Remote Control Compatible for Mi with Netflix & Prime Video Button

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Has your Mi TV remote been malfunctioning? Are you looking for a reliable remote control for the change? The LRIPL remote control is the one-stop solution for all your replacement remote control needs. With all the functionality of the branded mi remote control and with even more features included in this device, it is a dire necessity for your home. The ergonomic shape and the strong built of the remote control sets it apart from every other similar device in the market.

The LRIPL mi remote control does not need any unnecessary installation. In order to use it all you need to do is unbox it, put the necessary batteries inside and you will be good to go. The remote control’s superior technology makes it compatible with every Mi LED Smart TV 4A (32″/43″). Apart from the greater compatibility with Mi LED TVs, the remote control also has a relatively simple operation makes it friendly to use for any age group. The remote control also has softer buttons and better durability than the rest of the remotes in the market, making it the first choice for anyone who is looking for a replacement remote for their Mi LED TV.

Talking about the technical specifications, the remote control comes with every functionality a Mi TV remote would have and on top of that, the remote control has dedicated keys for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Google Assistant. Thus, with the superior functionality of being able to access Netflix and Amazon Prime with just one press away, the remote control is an essential part of all your house parties and your family film screenings.

The LRIPL Mi Remote control comes with a warranty for 3 months. This warranty covers any major mishap that may happen during the warranty period. Along with this, there is also a provision for a complete replacement of the remote in case the remote is beyond repair and in the warranty period. We at LRIPL believe in putting the needs of the customer over everything else. Thus in order to buy any of our products you can simply go to our website and order it online without any hassle. We deliver to every major city in India and thus you will never have to worry about the product getting delivered on time.